Rabbit Adoption Application                                                              

Adopting a rabbit is a serious commitment. While incredibly rewarding, rabbit ownership and care can be costly. Things to consider are food and vet bills. Rabbits are also time consuming as their enclosures need to be cleaned daily. Rabbits can live for up to 12 years and love spending time with you. Please consider the dedication required to give a bunny a loving  home for the rest of their life.

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What type of rabbit/rabbits are you interested in (male/female - small/medium - long haired/short haired - etc)?

Have you owned rabbits before (as an adult)? 

Do you currently have rabbits?

If so: Are they desexed.

Are you looking to bond with your bunny (find a friend)? 

Will your rabbit be a house rabbit or outdoors?

Describe the housing planned:

**PLEASE PROVIDE PHOTO BELOW** * • Your bunnies setup: (If you do not have one and would like advice, info and some pictures on setting up a space for your bunny, please email rabbittrescue@gmail.com

What are you going to feed your rabbit?

Who is the rabbit/rabbits for?

Who will be the primary carer for the rabbits?

Are there any other animals in the house?

If so, please list. 

Are there any children in the house?

What ages are they?

 Do you rent or own your home?

If renting, do you have landlord approval? 

I will need an approval letter if renting please.

Is your backyard bunny proof/totally enclosed?

Who will care for your bunny when your on holiday?

How did you hear about the organisation?

Thank you for taking the time to fill out  this form.

We are commited to finding the very best homes for our rabbits.

I will endeavour to be in touch with you within 7 days. (PLEASE CHECK YOUR 'JUNK-EMAIL' FOLDER FOR A REPLY)